Use the full Possibility of Surveillance and Image Analysis – but with GDPR Compliant On-Camera Image Processing

GDPR Compliant
2D and 3D Image Data

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No data that we generate can be traced back to any person. We value privacy and the EU law on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our GDPR Cam uses on-chip processing to ensure that no personal data leaves the camera while still all surveillance and detection mechanisms can be used.

For example, faces and emotions can be detected, and number plates can be read, but the images cannot be extracted from the camera. We use latest Intel® Movidius™ Technology for the on-board processing of imaging data. This ensures that only clean data with no traces to persons can be transferred to and processed by host systems.

Fully GDPR compliant 2D and 3D data

Use our camera or use our hardware-agnostic chip to embed in your own cameras

Analyze data such as emotion, recognition, behavior and many more